Twitter Accounts to Follow for Your Social Justice Needs

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On my birthday in 2012, I was multi-tasking – doing homework, watching American Ninja Warrior, and scrolling through Twitter. I decided to tweet a congratulatory message to one of the competitors, and low and behold, he retweeted my message and tweeted back at me. It was a simple exchange; I gave him props and he said, “Thanks for showing me some love.” But the idea of the interactive nature of the social media site was so attractive to me, and became something with which I was – and still am – enthralled.

Nowadays, I follow fewer reality stars, and more news outlets. I follow social activists and parents. I read the words of comedians and laymen. Those I follow are about as diverse as my interests, but there is one thing about all of these accounts that is very appealing to me, as someone who is interested in doing what’s right: each one, in their own way, updates me on what is happening in the world at any given time, and tells me why what’s going on is wrong (or, if I’m lucky, right).

Below you can find a short list of my favorite social justice-related Twitter accounts. I always find a moment to read through their timelines to discover what is going on in the world. I hope you enjoy them, too:

Deray McKesson | @deray

I hear the news about anything first from Deray. For me, he broke some of the most pressing issues and the most controversial stories related to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. From him I first heard about the Charleston Shootings and Ahmed’s Clock. He’s an activist. He tells the stories that need to be told. And he is always there to remind you that he loves his blackness, and he loves yours, too.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls |@smrtgrls

“Change the world by being yourself,” the Twitter’s header says. Who doesn’t need a little girl power in their life? Poehler, the SNL alum, brings a bit of joy each and every day (and probably each and every minute – they’re constantly updating with pictures and inspirational stories) through this Twitter account.

Roxane Gay | @rgay

The “Bad Feminist” is a good Twitter user, evidently. She’s just the right mix of humor, feminism, and a willingness to call people out on their B.S. She is also very, very good at live-tweeting events. (As I type this, I am reading her stream of Emmy-related tweets. Please just read this tweet about her meeting Guliana Rancic.)

Ayesha A. Siddiqui | @pushinghoops

The article in The Guardian about Ayesha says she “spurs conversations across the Internet.” Ayesha speaks freely about issues ranging from anti-racism to immigration to anti-oppression in all forms. She combats the injustices of the media, and tells people not to “stop waiting for permission to write.” She also has awesome thoughts on the phenomenon of Netflix & Chill and cute children.

Twitter Social Justice Advocates – they’re just like us!
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