Global Music Outreach Internship

Carolina offers us many opportunities to travel the world and expand our horizons. Those opportunities make take the shape of study abroad classes, internships, or even grants to financially support our travels. That being said, the Global Music Outreach Internship is a unique opportunity in so many ways. For one, the internship was founded by Carolina students themselves. One of the co-founders, junior Laura Limarzi, shared with me that while the program started as a project from Nourish, a Campus Y organization, it is now able to send 2-4 interns to Tanzania annually.

Another thing that makes this internship so different from other opportunities, is its purpose. GloMo funds a program in an area of Tanzania where there is no music organization and the only formal music education is given to students at expensive schools. The Global Music Outreach program and the people behind it feel strongly about the importance of music in the lives of children and the role it plays in increasing school performance and raising self-confidence. Those reasons and many more fuel the energy behind this program. As Laura stated, it’s not about bringing music to the children. Music is all around them so the goal is simply to connect the children to the wonders and the world of music. They do this by not only creating a music program at the school, but also by buying instruments, maintaining contact with the school, sending interns to expand the program, and paying a portion of the music teacher’s salary.

Because of the nature of this internship, applicants with some level of background in music are preferred, even though this background does not have to be too comprehensive. After sending in the written application and being interviewed, the selected interns will be sent to Tanzania for two months. During these months, interns will teach classes three days a week alongside the teacher who runs the program. Interns will spend the other two days evaluating the program and maintaining relationships with musicians in the community.

On the topic of traveling to another country, Limarzi says, “It’s important to understand what your presence means as a foreigner.” Humility, respectfulness, and a self-critical nature are things they look for in their interns because of the sensitive circumstance of trying to make a difference. And what a difference they will make.


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