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Aware of Sexual Assault Awareness

Kate Vancil and the Residential Housing Association (RHA) hosted a sexual assault awareness forum on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016. The purpose of the event was to speak in groups on the sexual assaults that happen on campus. According to AAU Climate Survey, Carolina has a reported 12.9% of people who have experienced sexual assault or sexual misconduct with 50% happening in residential halls. With movies like The Hunting Ground coming out and more people getting behind the movement to reduce sexual assault, the RHA forum was just one way Carolina is putting sexual awareness at the forefront of social issues. Continue reading Aware of Sexual Assault Awareness

Abortion in America- “Genocide Awareness Project”

For the past two days at UNC, a non-campus affiliated organization called “Genocide Awareness Project” (GAP) set up posters and handed out flyers on Polk Place (the main quad) on campus. When I first saw them setting up bright, orange signs I thought it was for Holocaust awareness. I’d had friends last week standing in the Pit (UNC’s outdoor hub) reading names of Holocaust victims for 24 hours. I assumed it was work continuing for victims of genocide, particularly the Holocaust.
Continue reading Abortion in America- “Genocide Awareness Project”

Love Your Body Day

I was reminded last Wednesday that loving your body includes not just learning to love your body’s appearance, but also what good it is capable of doing.

On March 2nd, Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc., UNC’s multi-ethnically based and Latina-oriented sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc., UNC’s largest and only international Asian-interest sorority, and Alpha Pi Omega Sorority Inc., the first historically American Indian sorority, hosted “Love Your Body Day: An Open Mic Night” to celebrate bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Continue reading Love Your Body Day

5 Think Pieces to Celebrate Black History

This year, February has been completely and entirely lit. With everything going on in the world, there is nothing to do but celebrate completely unapologetic blackness. With that being said, some amazing, insightful, hilarious articles have been written in honor of black history month, and while the month in coming to a close, these articles remind you to celebrate blackness every day of the year. Continue reading 5 Think Pieces to Celebrate Black History

Gender in Music

Music is everywhere. We pop in our earphones on the way to class. We jam in the shower. We watch awards shows dedicated solely to music yet there is so much about the industry we don’t know or fail to recognize. We notice gender struggles in the workplace, schools, government but do we see it in our music? Are we aware of the troubling ratio of male producers to their female counterparts? Do we understand the struggles female artists must face? Do we even care? Is it relevant if it’s not right in our faces? Continue reading Gender in Music

Kesha’s Nightmare is a Reality for Many

Friday afternoon, I read extremely upsetting news that singer-songwriter Kesha would be required to record six more albums with Sony and Dr. Luke- her producer that both drugged her and raped her on numerous occasions in the past. This is coming from the verdict of New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich who said, “You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.” Continue reading Kesha’s Nightmare is a Reality for Many

Taylor Swift: Not My Feminist

Taylor Swift is a lot of things. She is a talented musician. She is, evidently, a terrific negotiator. She is brave for being able to perform in front of thousands of audiences regularly. She is also a feminist, but not MY feminist. Continue reading Taylor Swift: Not My Feminist

Marching Forward Together

A few weeks ago, Reverend Barber came to speak at the Stone Center. His deep voice resonated throughout the auditorium as spoke of The Third Reconstruction that is beginning to unfold in America. He urged us, young college students, to join the movement, to lead to movement, and invited us to attend The Historic Thousands on Jones Street moral march on February 13th. There, the day before Valentine’s Day, North Carolinians from across the state gathered to march for love and for justice, Forward Together, Not One Step Back. Continue reading Marching Forward Together

The Movement towards the Third Reconstruction

On Friday, January 29th, Reverend William Barber II spoke at the Sonja Haynes Stone Center. Rev. Barber launched the well-known Moral Mondays in North Carolina. Moral Mondays are protest that were created because of several laws created by the N.C. government. The protests have spread to South Carolina and Georgia, as well as Illinois and New Mexico.

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Bodily Autonomy Or Nah?: The Sequel

“Today in Colorado and across the country, Planned Parenthood’s doors are open and we will continue to provide compassionate healthcare to people who have trusted us and relied on us for generations.” -Vicky Cowart, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.  Continue reading Bodily Autonomy Or Nah?: The Sequel