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The Power of Social Media

As protesters gather in the streets, from Ferguson to Chapel Hill, it seems increasingly evident that we are on the cusp of another Civil Rights Movement, a “Third Reconstruction” as Reverend Barber calls it. One of the greatest tools activists can use is social media. This unprecedented way to transform movements, to garner support, takes the protesting occurring on the streets and continues it on Twitter feeds across the nation. Our country’s residents are more connected than we have ever been. Yes, this has spawned a wave of “slactivism.” But it has also spawned a media revolution. Continue reading The Power of Social Media

I’m A Little Tired Of Hearing The Name ‘Trump’”

Donald Trump is an overrated topic. At the speed he’s going, the nomination is bound to be his, meaning the American public and the global community will have to deal with his mouth and rhetoric until election time. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if it weren’t only March. Insert side-eye emoji here. Continue reading I’m A Little Tired Of Hearing The Name ‘Trump’”

5 Think Pieces to Celebrate Black History

This year, February has been completely and entirely lit. With everything going on in the world, there is nothing to do but celebrate completely unapologetic blackness. With that being said, some amazing, insightful, hilarious articles have been written in honor of black history month, and while the month in coming to a close, these articles remind you to celebrate blackness every day of the year. Continue reading 5 Think Pieces to Celebrate Black History

Formation: Explicit (Racial) Content

Beyoncé. Also known as Queen Bey. The singing sensation that has slayed the lives of girls, boys, men, and women all over the world. Beyoncé has been in the limelight snatching our edges relentlessly for years. We know every word to every song and religiously attempt to learn the dances she is know to kill. However, there has recently been a lot of blow back on Beyoncé. Her new instant hit, Formation, has caused an uproar among may white people. I have two things to say to the people that are protesting Bey’s new song. First, this song is NOT for you. Second, this song is the last thing that needs to be protested right now. Continue reading Formation: Explicit (Racial) Content

Gender in Music

Music is everywhere. We pop in our earphones on the way to class. We jam in the shower. We watch awards shows dedicated solely to music yet there is so much about the industry we don’t know or fail to recognize. We notice gender struggles in the workplace, schools, government but do we see it in our music? Are we aware of the troubling ratio of male producers to their female counterparts? Do we understand the struggles female artists must face? Do we even care? Is it relevant if it’s not right in our faces? Continue reading Gender in Music

Taylor Swift: Not My Feminist

Taylor Swift is a lot of things. She is a talented musician. She is, evidently, a terrific negotiator. She is brave for being able to perform in front of thousands of audiences regularly. She is also a feminist, but not MY feminist. Continue reading Taylor Swift: Not My Feminist

Beyond The Bullshit

On February 4, 216 I went to the Campus Y to participate in a Student Body President debate titled “Beyond The Bullshit.” I came to this event knowing nothing about who the candidates would be or what their platforms were.  In honesty, this was my first Student Body President Debate I have ever attended in my time at Carolina, but I can also say it was an engaging experience that made me feel like an active student in the UNC community.  Candidates John Taylor, Bradley Opere, and Wilson Sink were in attendance for the debate.  I would like to preface the rest of this article by saying I have done my best to type word for word as questions and answers were being given, but I am not perfect, and did not get everything down verbatim.   

Continue reading Beyond The Bullshit

Campus Y Co-President Campaigns

This year the Campus Y has two teams running for the Campus Y Co-Presidents office: Monique Laborde and Noah Ponton; and Regan Buchanan and Lauren Eaves. Both duos have put up impressive campaigns with a strong media presence and in-depth platforms. After reading through their platforms, I wanted to get to know the candidates a little better, so I asked each team some questions. Read through this Q&A to get to know the candidates and make an informed decision about who to vote for!

Continue reading Campus Y Co-President Campaigns

A Response to the Town Hall Demands

Shortly after Chancellor Carol Folt finished her opening remarks at the beginning of the recent Town Hall meeting in Memorial Hall, a group of students interrupted the gathering to read a lengthy list of demands to combat “anti-blackness” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Clarence Page, a senior member of The Chicago Tribune and the moderator of the event, respectfully allowed the students to finish their list of demands despite the fact that they vastly exceeded the allocated time limit of two minutes. They quickly left the event to hold a separate press conference outside of Memorial Hall. The town hall meeting was designed as a wonderful opportunity for individuals to engage in a beneficial conversation related to race and diversity. It is a shame that it began with a group of students who evidently did not want to engage in a conversation. Instead, it seems that they were only interested in talking at a captive audience rather than listening to anyone themselves.

Continue reading A Response to the Town Hall Demands

Bodily Autonomy Or Nah?: The Sequel

“Today in Colorado and across the country, Planned Parenthood’s doors are open and we will continue to provide compassionate healthcare to people who have trusted us and relied on us for generations.” -Vicky Cowart, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.  Continue reading Bodily Autonomy Or Nah?: The Sequel