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Socioeconomic Status and its Impact on Education

On Tuesday, HYPE – which stands for Helping Youth by Providing Enrichment – had a general body meeting during which Kari Kozlowski, a sociology doctoral candidate at the University of North Carolina, came to speak about socioeconomic status and how it impacts students throughout their educational careers. The meeting was very interactive in nature; rather than give a lecture, Kozlowski elected to split everyone at the meeting into groups and work on a simulation. Continue reading Socioeconomic Status and its Impact on Education

Spell(ings) Check

A few weeks ago, Margaret Spellings started her job as the new UNC system president. However, she was not welcomed with open arms and smiles. Instead, several college campuses planned and executed a walkout to protest Spellings. Continue reading Spell(ings) Check

Global Music Outreach Internship

Carolina offers us many opportunities to travel the world and expand our horizons. Those opportunities make take the shape of study abroad classes, internships, or even grants to financially support our travels. That being said, the Global Music Outreach Internship is a unique opportunity in so many ways. For one, the internship was founded by Carolina students themselves. One of the co-founders, junior Laura Limarzi, shared with me that while the program started as a project from Nourish, a Campus Y organization, it is now able to send 2-4 interns to Tanzania annually. Continue reading Global Music Outreach Internship

The Relaunch of Hunger Lunch

This past Wednesday on March 2nd, Nourish UNC, a college chapter that is part of Nourish International and seeks to organize students and communities to reduce poverty around the world, relaunched Hunger Lunch, the most important event for this organization. Between 11:00 and 2:00, Vimala’s Curryblossom Café helped bring students basmati rice, chickpea curry, and naan for the cheap price of $5.50. This will continue to happen every Wednesday at the same time for the foreseeable future. After the event, Hannah Smith, the Hunger Lunch Director, agreed to answer some questions about the relaunch of Hunger Lunch and its connection to the organization. Continue reading The Relaunch of Hunger Lunch

Stories and Insights from William A. Keyes

William A. Keyes is a leader, a son, an optimist, a member of the UNC Board of Trustees and more. But first and foremost, William “Bill” Keyes is a storyteller. Every time Mr. Keyes would begin discussing a different topic or idea he would stop mid-sentence and say, “Let me tell y’all a story.” And the intimate, funny stories he told, gave the audience insight into the smiling and successful man standing onstage. Continue reading Stories and Insights from William A. Keyes

Vote Defenders: Election Protection Training Q&A

Arc writer Kyra Rubin talked with Ignite NC’s ‘Triangle Field’ Team Leader, Kim Hoàng, to discuss voting rights, voter ID laws, and the organization’s recent Vote Defender Training. These trainings equip student volunteers with the skills to educate citizens on how and when voting laws are changing, to monitor key precincts for any voter intimidation or voter suppression, and to document voter issues or incidents that occur at these precincts. Continue reading Vote Defenders: Election Protection Training Q&A

Marching Forward Together

A few weeks ago, Reverend Barber came to speak at the Stone Center. His deep voice resonated throughout the auditorium as spoke of The Third Reconstruction that is beginning to unfold in America. He urged us, young college students, to join the movement, to lead to movement, and invited us to attend The Historic Thousands on Jones Street moral march on February 13th. There, the day before Valentine’s Day, North Carolinians from across the state gathered to march for love and for justice, Forward Together, Not One Step Back. Continue reading Marching Forward Together

Carolina for Amani Summer Internship 2016

Carolina For Amani is UNC’s branch of the Amani Children’s Foundation. The nonprofit organization works with New Life Home Trust to rescue and care for infants in Kenya who were abandoned, giving priority to HIV + infants. The Amani Children’s Foundation chooses members of its college branches to work as interns in the New Life Homes each summer, along with bringing awareness and raising funds for the cause. This will be the sixth consecutive summer that Carolina for Amani will be sending interns.

The Following Question and Answer was held with the Co-Chairs of Carolina for Amani, Marlisha Blakeney and Julia Hoover. Continue reading Carolina for Amani Summer Internship 2016

An evening with Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Director of the U.S. Peace Corps, came for a talk and fireside chat to discuss global engagement’s impact on future leaders. Following an intimate reception in the Campus Y Anne Queen Lounge with House Representative David Price, the crowd transitioned to a packed Gerrard Hall. Continue reading An evening with Carrie Hessler-Radelet