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Love Your Body Day

I was reminded last Wednesday that loving your body includes not just learning to love your body’s appearance, but also what good it is capable of doing.

On March 2nd, Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc., UNC’s multi-ethnically based and Latina-oriented sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc., UNC’s largest and only international Asian-interest sorority, and Alpha Pi Omega Sorority Inc., the first historically American Indian sorority, hosted “Love Your Body Day: An Open Mic Night” to celebrate bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Continue reading Love Your Body Day

Stories and Insights from William A. Keyes

William A. Keyes is a leader, a son, an optimist, a member of the UNC Board of Trustees and more. But first and foremost, William “Bill” Keyes is a storyteller. Every time Mr. Keyes would begin discussing a different topic or idea he would stop mid-sentence and say, “Let me tell y’all a story.” And the intimate, funny stories he told, gave the audience insight into the smiling and successful man standing onstage. Continue reading Stories and Insights from William A. Keyes

Kesha’s Nightmare is a Reality for Many

Friday afternoon, I read extremely upsetting news that singer-songwriter Kesha would be required to record six more albums with Sony and Dr. Luke- her producer that both drugged her and raped her on numerous occasions in the past. This is coming from the verdict of New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich who said, “You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.” Continue reading Kesha’s Nightmare is a Reality for Many

Running Away from Violence


Masculinity is defined as the set of qualities that are traditionally associated with men. In our society, boys begin to feel pressure at a young age to fit into a hegemonic role that displays power, strength and dominance. This role creates a binary between young boys and girls. It is the beginning of the heteronormative mentality that generates gender roles and an overall disapproval of gender fluidity.

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“This I Believe”

So I will start of this post by saying every student at UNC should take EDUC 316. I would dare to say this class is life-changing (although I’ve only been to two classes so far lol).  But this week for class we had to do an interesting assignment called “This I Believe.” The project is based on an idea started back in the 1950’s, and you can read all about it here, but it basically is an essay of any length (typically around 500 words) that answers the questions “What do you believe?” Sounds broad right? Well it is.

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UNC Takes Back the Night: Marching Against Male-Pattern Violence

On November 19th, UNC held its annual “Take Back the Night” march against male-pattern violence. One of the main purposes of Take Back the Night is to reject the society where women feel unsafe and vulnerable walking alone at night due to the fear of being subjected to male-pattern sexual violence. In part to reject this fear, UNC’s Take Back the Night event began at 8pm; participants were handed sheets of paper with chants and details about the event, and some marchers were handed signs bearing words of encouragement (pictured throughout this article). The march through the dark took a path across central campus, onto Franklin Street, and past Fraternity Court.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.27.31 PM


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NOT Here, NOT There, NOT Anywhere: Solidarity Rally

Morgan McLaughlin and her friends convened a solidarity rally for Jack Donahue, a freshman at Duke, on Wednesday, November 11th. Donahue got to his dorm to discover a message saying “death to all fags @jack” scrawled on the wall. McLaughlin felt like it was time to be united with Duke and stand up for Donahue. I asked McLaughlin as well as her friends Brennan Lewis and Olive Fadale some questions about their ideas and thoughts on LGBTQ rights and safety here on campus and everywhere. Continue reading NOT Here, NOT There, NOT Anywhere: Solidarity Rally

Inequality Amongst the Media

When I think about normal, I think about perspective. Normal is different to each individual, and that makes humans unique. When it comes to the opinions on same sex relationships and marriage, I believe people should be open minded and knowledgeable before forming an opinion about it. Continue reading Inequality Amongst the Media

Why Do Only Sophomores Get A Slump?

I don’t know about you, but this semester has been a struggle. My time management skills seemingly flew out the window, the littlest things have made me want to sob, and my grades feel as if they’re beyond repair. I’ve missed deadlines, taken more naps than ought to be allowed, and unashamedly spent $10 for some 5 Hour Energies on more than one occasion. But as this semester is mercifully coming to a slow and gradual close, there are a few things I’ve tried, and am trying, to keep in mind. Continue reading Why Do Only Sophomores Get A Slump?