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Marching Forward Together

A few weeks ago, Reverend Barber came to speak at the Stone Center. His deep voice resonated throughout the auditorium as spoke of The Third Reconstruction that is beginning to unfold in America. He urged us, young college students, to join the movement, to lead to movement, and invited us to attend The Historic Thousands on Jones Street moral march on February 13th. There, the day before Valentine’s Day, North Carolinians from across the state gathered to march for love and for justice, Forward Together, Not One Step Back. Continue reading Marching Forward Together

What is an All-American Muslim?

As part of the MLK Week celebration, the Campus Y, Student Government, UNC Muslim Students Association and the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity hosted Suehaila Amen for a discussion with students about the experiences of Muslims in America. Amen, a cast member of TLC’s “All-American Muslim” discussed some of the disadvantages and unfair assumptions to which many in the American Muslim community are subject, and how Muslims and others can make positive situations out of these negative experiences.’

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