And the Emmy Goes to…

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“In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me, over that line. But I can’t seem to get there no how. I can’t seem to get over that line.”

This was a quote from Harriett Tubman that Viola Davis used in the beginning of a powerful Emmy acceptance speech. Davis was quoted saying that she didn’t even think she would win and was shocked that she was favored for the win at all. It is no secret that Davis is the first black woman that has won Best Leading Actress. This is exactly why her Emmy speech was influential and necessary. Continue reading “And the Emmy Goes to…”


In the wake of this event, I’m trying to process my thoughts and put them in some form of coherent order, but it’s not really working. As news spread of Dylann Roof’s crime, motivation, and words said to his victims, I ended up in a darker and darker place. I don’t know if I can create some calm out of the chaos my thoughts have created, but we’ll see how it goes.

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