Where Do We Go From Here?

I think we all can agree last week was rough. No – last week was draining, overwhelming and, overall, just awful.  From the death threats to black students at various college campuses, to the terrorists attacks in Paris, to the suicide bombings in Beirut and Lebanon, to the suicide of Demitri Allison on our own campus.  All of those events happened last week, each day was another blow to our emotional and mental states. Each day was another tragedy our world had to deal with and I was left asking myself two questions. Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Why Campaign Finance is a Social Justice Issue

Ever since the landmark Supreme Court case Citizens United v. F.E.C., the bedrock of our democracy has been quickly eroded. We as a country were founded on the principle that all citizens are created equal. Citizens United allowed the richest few of us donate unlimited amounts of money through lightly regulated organizations called Super PACs. How does this erode our democracy? In the words of former presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig, citizen inequality is how. Continue reading “Why Campaign Finance is a Social Justice Issue”