Marching Forward Together

A few weeks ago, Reverend Barber came to speak at the Stone Center. His deep voice resonated throughout the auditorium as spoke of The Third Reconstruction that is beginning to unfold in America. He urged us, young college students, to join the movement, to lead to movement, and invited us to attend The Historic Thousands on Jones Street moral march on February 13th. There, the day before Valentine’s Day, North Carolinians from across the state gathered to march for love and for justice, Forward Together, Not One Step Back. Continue reading “Marching Forward Together”

Why We Should Stop HB 318

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Last Wednesday, Students United for Immigrant Equality (SUIE) held a protest in the pit against House Bill 318. HB 318, also known as Protect North Carolina Workers Act, would prohibit counties where immigration policies are more loosely enforced. Undocumented individuals do still pay taxes, so this bill would also hurt North Carolina’s economy. It would also make employers check their workers’ immigration status and limit the types of identification government officials are allowed to accept. In particular, it wouldn’t allow the use of consular ID cards as sufficient forms of identification. Consular IDs are used for everything from paying bills, buying cars, and picking up your child from school.  Governor McCory has until this Friday, October 30th, to sign or veto the bill. Continue reading “Why We Should Stop HB 318”